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Take Your Broadcast Clocks to the Cloud!

Professional-quality hot clocks for your radio show!
UClock.it works directly in your browser.

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Easy Access to No.1 Hot Clock Application

UClock.it’s intuitive (and impressive!) interface combines the power of traditional desktop software with the lightweight and flexible features popular web applications.

Get Started Quickly

UClock.it comes with easy-to-understand instructions, but you probably will not need them. We've made this app as easy and intuitive for you to use as possible.

Save Your Time & Money

You can access your clocks whenever and wherever you want for just a small fee.

No Compatibility Issues

It is Mac and PC friendly and works through your favorite web browser.

Sample Clocks

Here are some program clocks we created using UClock.it. These are just four examples of the different styles and layouts that you can customize to suit your needs. You can place images and text in more than a dozen different locations and adjust the size of individual elements.


New features: Multi-hour clocks, clock groups and sharable clocks
As promised, multi-hour clock feature is now live. In the previous version of UCLock.it, we used only two time spinners,...
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Multi-hour clocks are coming!
Most broadcast clocks feature one-hour programs, but some organizations need to schedule programs with a longer timespan. After receiving several requests...
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New feature: Image Repository
Whether you use the same or different images for your clocks, we thought saving and displaying them in one place...
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New feature: Export to a spreadsheet
In response to a feature request from one of our valued customers, we added Export to Excel item under File...
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New features: segment duration and line weights
There are several places in your clock template where you can use lines with different colors. It includes Inner Clock...
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